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Marius Burg

I travel and take pictures mostly with film
Iguazu Falls 
Iguazu Falls! One of the 7 natural world wonders
Enjoying the last light at Mendes Lopes Beach 
We started at 3 in the morning, had to hike through a pitch black rainforest, climbing over huge fallen trees and rocks sometimes with ropes sometimes with our bare hands, had to check every step for snakes and dangerous spiders but when we made it to the top just before sunset a huge cloud was covering the perfect view however a couple minutes after that the view cleared and gave us this amazing panorama… we missed the sunset however got an even more epic experience with parts of the rainforest being covered by clouds and huge mountains sticking out of the clouds.
Its moments like that when you cherish the nature most and remember yourself to do it every single day because nature and our planet is beautiful. 
One of the best moments in my life and we have only been traveling for 2 weeks. 5 more months and couple weeks to go. Can’t wait for all the amazing experiences. 
Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos!
100m drop - rainforest below us 
Made it to the highest point after 4 hours
In the heart of the cloud 
At 800m, 200 more meters and already 3 hours of hiking and climbing - slowly getting out of the darkness of the rainforest 
"A smooth sea never made a good sailor" Just before Ihla Grande, Brazil
Heading to Ihla Grande
Boarding a boat to take us to Ihla Grande 
Rio at night